The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Chromecast Ultra

What is Chromecast Ultra?


Google Chromecast Ultra is the third and latest version of the Chromecast wireless video streaming device. It is designed to keep up with a world that’s now demanding more pixels and colour. The Chromecast ultra is very easy to set up. Plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be able to use it in a minute. You can also run this device on Android or iOS phone or laptop and stream thousands of cast-enabled apps.


Chromecast Ultra Features:


Google's Chromecast Ultra

  1. Easy to Personalized – Share your favorite apps, playlist and shows in a tap of a button.
  2. No Logins or download needed – With Chromecast Ultra, you’re already signed into all of your apps on your phone, so you don’t need to download or login again.
  3. Touch screen interface functionality – Using your phone, you can easily search, browse, queue and control what you want to see on your TV.
  4. Dedicated button functionality for play, pause, volume and etc. – Chromecast Ultra mobile app supports simple controls such as play/pause, skip next, and more.
  5. No remote needed – Your phone will be your remote control.
  6. Works with multiple users – With Chromecast Ultra, anyone can share simultaneously using their own phones. Stream YouTube videos or load their favorite apps will be on the tip of your fingers.
  7. Keep watching while browsing – You can browse for the next movie to watch without disrupting
    what’s currently playing on the TV. You can do multi-tasking with Chromecast Ultra.




  • Easy to setup and user-friendly.
  • Superb video quality
  • 4K streaming works great over WiFi and Ethernet
  • Compatible with most popular streaming services
  • Stream media easily — from any source, like YouTube and Netflix — at both 4K and HDR




  • Partial video quality improvement over 1080p streaming devices
  • Limited 4K content selection at launch
  • More expensive than the regular Chromecast
  • No remote function
  • Does not support Amazon Instant Video
  • Short on convenience features like private listening, captive portal, and consistent playback controls
  • Google Home app needs streamlining and easier access to 4K content

As more streaming apps become popular, the Chromecast Ultra’s value will only rise.