The introduction of the two gizmos, Google’s Chromecast and the Fire TV stick, has given millions of folks an inexpensive way to carefully turn their TVs into “smart” TVs. But which of the two HDMI sticks is the better choice? Tell us which one you like in the remarks.


Chromecast: streaming centered, worldwide, great support on Google android, some support on iOS


Google Chromecast


Fire: local use concentrated, US-only/orientated, some support on Google android, no support on iOS


Fire TV Stick


You can’t quite compare both.
It might be wiser to compare the Chromecast to the MS WDAdapter (and Belkin and other $30 streaming sticks).


So if anything the Chromecast wins (without a doubt). Because the Flame Keep has in another category against the bigger Flames Container actually, Apple Television, Roku, Nexus Player, Shield Gaming system. And for the reason that category it gets slaughtered. Roku is just about the ruler. At least until it gets replaced by Android TV on sets by SONY, LG, Samsung, Sharp, TCL, Soniq, Hisense etc.


Fire TV. It does indeed adequate the ordinary things Chromecast can to but better. For $5 more, you are getting game support, wireless display, usage of Amazon Prime, you can sideload applications over ADB, you can sync BT mice and keyboards to work with programs like Chrome or Firefox, you can sideload Kodi and turn the Fire TV stick into a practically universal streaming tool. There’s really nothing at all bad about the Flames TV stick, as well as for $5 difference, I’d purchase the AFTV.